Portfolio management for Sectional Title Trusts  •  Home Owners Associations, Office Buildings  •  Shopping Centres  • Commercial and Industrial Properties

Ubunye Property Management is a well established company by property and portfolio management specialist, Alida Pretorius. With over 25 years combined experience in the field, Alida received many requests from her clients through-out the years for her professional services. In 2013 she stepped out of her comfort zone and pursued her passion for client service and property management. Previous associations include Colliers, Marriott, Periscopic Property Management, Nick Georgiou Trust and Sectional Title Trust.


A dedicated and specialised team consists of a portfolio managers, personal assistants, credit controller and bookkeeper who are assigned to manage your Sectional Title Trust, Home Owners Associations (HOA),  Office Building, Shopping Centre, Commercial and / or Industrial Property.


Portfolio managers are extensively trained in all aspects of Property Management, with certification from UCT for Sectional Title and Property Management and registration with the Estate Agency Affairs Board.

The financial security of your property investment is our priority and we go to great lengths to ensure financial sustainability and profits. Financial management of your investment includes: 


  • Opening and operation of a current account with a preferred financial institution on behalf of the Body Corporate  

  • Cash management and investment of surplus funds or money market accounts at favourable interest rates

  • Preparation of annual budgets

  • Reporting of monthly performance to budget and variance reports and monitoring of budgets

  • Reporting of levy rolls, expenses paid 

  • Preparation of annual audit file for the appointed auditors

  • Financial management support and advice

When should you hire a property management company?